Visa Guide for Azerbaijan

e-Visa for Pakistani Passport

Azerbaijan given opportunity to many countries including Pakistan for applying e-visa for tourists. it is really convenient and  easy to apply through just website. In this page i will share you easy steps to apply for azerbaijan visa.

Visa Fees

23 USD

Step # 1

Visit the official website for applying e-visa “ Asan Visa

select the application icon

select your country “Pakistan” and type of  your Passport and enter the verification code as given below in the image and press continue.

Enter the Purpose of your visit ( tourist / business trip / science / sports etc )

Enter the arrival Date of your travel. you can even apply for 6 month in advance of your travel. for example today is 1 January 2019, you can apply until 1 July 2019 and that visa will be valid up to next 3 month till 1 September 2019. Select the Consideration period for visa application. you want to apply as a standard application or you want visa in urgent. Standard visa will take 3 days and urgent visa will take only 3 hours for processing of your visa application and visa fees is different for urgent.

Also check the tick mark for Confirming that you aren’t a carrier of any of the diseases listed below:
1. HIV infection
2. Hepatitis B and C

but if you have one of these diseases do not check or hide.

example is attached in below image.

Step # 2

read all the terms and condition as they mention after that in website and agree / disagree with them.

fill the form, enter your surname and given name. enter your passport details. your date of birth. you mobile number email id, residence address etc. and also attached your passport copy which is the only travel document required for visa. your passport should be valid at-least 6 month before travel date. other wise it can be issue while traveling. its better or for safe side you can renew your passport first.

demonstration image is attached as below

they will send you verification link to your email Id and you need to read carefully and confirm through your email id.

see attached the image below as a reference.

Step # 3

last step you have to make payment for your visa application. you can make payment through visa card or master card as they mention you can check their site. but i paid through my visa card. i prefer for the safe side you can take screen shots while paying your fees or do a screen recording while paying any thing. it will helps you in case your transection got failed. so you can make a complaint to your bank or asan visa website.  other wise its not compulsory. its up to you.

i got my confirmation visa email after 2 working days, image is attached as reference.


My e-Visa Sample

Visa Documents Requirement

Valid Pakistani Passport only ! what are you serious? yes i am!