Branding of Pakistan

For the last few years, we all are picturing a new Pakistan in our heads. But, we are unable to give an exact shape so I decided to take this initiative on my own to do the branding of Pakistan and start introducing my country to the world through my ideas, designs and photography.

My fight is against the people who always point out negativity in Pakistan, see ugliness and have destroyed the vision of beauty of our country, people who always blame others and government but never accept their mistakes and negligence. It is very easy to pin point mistakes but hard to correct them so I chose the hardships over stains.

Explore Pakistan Map:

This Pakistani map shows the inner and outer beauty of Pakistan along its actual values which we never thought about our country before. Pakistan have layers of history including sacrifices of peoples, idea behind a country for all religions.

Our country have huge potential of tourism and hospitality that we are ignoring since very long because we never realised the actual magic of this land.

My final and last message is  “ Explore Pakistan “.


This map is dedicated to the people who love travelling and who want to promote beauty of pakistan.

Note : This artwork copyrights are reserved by Assam Artist, and you can use this with credits. I will announce when it will be on sale without watermark.