Sri Kartarpur Sahib temple is now largest temple in the world for sikh religion people. which is located in pakistan near kartarpur corridor boarder. Govt of Pakistan gifted this temple to the sikh religion people and specially dedicate to his friendship towards sikhism. It was the one of the fastest project has been complete phase 1 by govt of pakistan. rest of the other phases has been completed in upcoming years INSHALLAH including Hotels facilities, medical facilities, shopping facilities etc. Pakistani people specially people from Punjab province is always been famous for their hospitality nature. they are ready to welcome all tourist from all over the world.

Documents Required for Kartarpur Corridor ( Pakistan )

From Pakistan Only Requirement is For Sikhs coming for pilgrimage to Kartarpur from India, I have waived off 2 requirements:
i) they wont need a passport – just a valid ID;
ii) they no longer have to register 10 days in advance. Also, no fee will be charged on day of inauguration & on Guruji’s 550th birthday

From India side you need to Fill the following form with required Documents:

Before filling the online registration:
Ensure that Acrobat Reader is installed in your computer system. If you do not have the software, Applicant must be aware of his/her blood group for filling registration form.

Procedure for Applicant :
1 – Applicant should possess a valid passport.
2 – OCI card holder need to fill OCI cards details in registration form.
3.1 – It is the applicant’s responsibility to feed accurate information complete in every respect including spellings of name, date of birth etc. as in passport.
3.2 – Incorrect or false information, concealing any material facts in the application form will be ground for rejection of application.

Keep the following items ready while filling the registration form:
4.1 Scanned copy of passport size photograph (in JPG format not exceeding 300 kb in size).
4.2 Scanned copy of Passport (containing photo & personal particulars) and last page containing family details in  format only not exceeding 500 kb in size.

After successful online registration:
Take a printout of the registration form and keep with you for reference.
You will receive SMS and e-mail after successful registration.


General Information

  • All Pilgrims who propose to visit Sri Kartarpur Sahib in district Narowal, Pakistan may register here in advance.
  • Applicant is required to register himself/herself in advance of proposed date of travel.
  • Registration does not confer a right to travel.
  • Applicants who are granted permission may be informed only 4 days before proposed date of travel. Therefore, Applicants should make their travel arrangements in advance.
  • Pilgrims will go in the morning and shall have to return the same day.
  • Pilgrims shall be allowed to visit only Sri Kartarpur Sahib and not anywhere outside.
Apply Online Now


  • Eco-friendly material, preferably cloth bags should be used & surroundings should be kept clean.
  • Currency limitation of maximum 11000/- INR must be followed.
  • Only one baggage upto 7 kg weight including drinking water may be carried.


20 US dollar is the fee

Silent Feature

kartarpur darbar silent feature


  • Smoking, drinking and use of tobacco is not allowed inside Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) Complex
  • Do not touch any unattended article. Inform about anything suspicious to the authorities.
  • Playing loud music and photographing others without permission may not be done.
  • Do not carry any item mentioned in the Negative List as follow

(Not to be carried while traveling through Kartarpur Sahib Corridor on either way)

  • Firearms and ammunition
  •  Explosive substances
  • Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances
  • Knife and blade except all types of Kirpans
  •  Counterfeit currency notes, stamps and coins
  • Maps and literature with incorrect depiction of external boundaries of India and Pakistan (both in physical as well as digital form)
  •  Literature, media items and objects including flags and banners, challenging territorial integrity of India and Pakistan or potentially damaging to communal harmony in India and Pakistan (both in physical as well as digital form)
  •  Any goods for commercial purpose for profit gain or commercial usage, as per applicable laws
  •  Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage
  •  Satellite phone
  •  Objects made of gold and silver, other than ornaments for personal use or for religious purposes, as per applicable laws
  • Pornographic material
  •  Goods infringing the enforceable intellectual property rights
  •  Antiquities and art treasures
  • Wildlife items and products
  • Endangered species of plants and animals whether live or dead
  • Wi-fi and broadband devices
  • Liquor


Kartarpur Location

Nearest Airport to Sri Kartarpur Sahab

There is three nearest airport from sri kartarpur sahab.

1 – Sialkot International Airport 103 Km from Kartarpur ( 2:30 hours drive from airport )

2 – Allama Iqbal International Airport (Lahore – Pakistan ), distance is 128 KM from kartarpur  ( 2:45 hours Drive )

3 – Islamabad International Airport – Distance is 438 Km ( 5 to 6 hour drive to kartarpur sahib )

Recommended Flights to visit Sri Kartarpur Sahib

1- Pakistan International Airline ( Direct PIA )

2 – Emirates Airline ( via Dubai )

3 – Flydubai ( via Dubai )

4 – Eithad Airline ( via Abu dhabi )

5 – Qatar Airways ( via Qatar )

Trains to Sri Kartarpur Sahab

Narowal Railway station is Nearest to Kartarpur, if you are already in Pakistan you can visit sri kartarpur sahib by train. There is frequent trains between lahore and narowal or rawalpindi to narowal. ticket cost will be less than 1000 rupee for sure. you need to check my train timings page for all fares and schedules.

Shuttle Buses for Kartarpur Temple

there are many shuttle buss services for kartarpur temple, you can easily find busses from sialkot airport, from  narowal railway station, or from india border side they are giving multiple shuttle bus option, for fares you need to check directly from the transport authorities. if you are traveling from lahore or islamabad, you can take buss service named Dawoo Bus Service, Skyways, Abdullah Travels, Faisal Movers.

Bus stands name in rawalpindi / islamabad : Faizabad or zeropoint and Peervidhai, or Dawoo Bus terminal out side the city.

Bus Stand name in  lahore : Niazi Ada, Lari Ada, Yateem Khana Mor Bus stop or Dawoo Bus terminal.

Buses from Indian different Cities / States, Suggested Site : RED BUS SERVICE i am not sure about the service yet, but i research for you guys.

Sri Kartarpur Sahib By Walk

Pilgrim can visit Gurduwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib by walk from indian, its totally legally allowed as per both countries agreement. so you do not need to worry about it. its almost 6 KM from ravi river.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Guruduwara Sri Kartarpur sahib is Early Morning till by evening. no one is allowed to stay a night over there for few months, but later once govt of pakistan complete other phases including hotels, then people can stay over night and spend more time over there.

Thank You for Reading!

thank you for visiting my blog and reading, i will try to add more information about kartarpur. you are free to ask questions. i hope this blog helps you. suggestions and advices are always welcome.