Punjab First Official Tourist Attractions Map

Punjab Tourist Attractions Map is Assam Altaf Artist’s first official map designed in collaboration with Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab. This map has been launched on January 28,2020 at the inauguration ceremony of 15th Cholistan Desert Rally, Royal Palm, Lahore.  It has 80 major attractions in the list provided. I would like to pay my special gratitude to Tanveer Jabbar (Managing Director-TDCP), Asif Mehmood (Advisor to CM Punjab on Tourism), Usman Qureshi (Editor-Explore Punjab) and Nouman Khan (Manager P&D) for giving me a chance to closely work with Government of Punjab and TDCP (Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab) And i would like Thank You from bottom of my Heart for Beautiful Souvenir Shield and 1 Lac rupees for appreciations.

PUNJAB: A land of Agriculture, History, Rivers, Temples, Mosques, Shrines, Tombs and the most lively people live in this land. This land is extremly tourist potential in terms of religious tourism, adventure tourism and for the history lovers. Best part of Punjab is that you can enjoy all the four seasons. I enjoy wintery mornings the most. Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi have all major attractions. You can gobble up the variety of street foods from different places. I prefer to take a road trip to entire Punjab. Smell of this land after rain is unforgettable. Do visit all the places that I listed in my this tourist attractions map.

Punjab Tourist Attractions Map

80 Top and Best Attractions of Punjab – Pakistan

1- GPO Murree

2- Murree Safari Train

3- Patriata Chairlift & Cable Car

4- TDCP Khajut Resort, Murree

5- Neela Sand, Kotli Sattian

6- Sangni Fort Rawalpindi

7- Railway Station Golhra Sharif

8- Attock Bridge

9- Attock Fort

10- Taxila Stupa

11- Panja Sahib Hasan abdal

12- TDCP Resort Kallar kahar

13- Namal University Mianwali

14- Namal Lake

15- Nawab of Kala bagh House

16- Kala Bagh dam

17- Swaik Lake, Chakwal

18- Uchali Lake – Khushab

19- Amb Sharif khushab

20- Khewra Salt Mine

21- Katas Raj Temple

22- Chakwal Canyons

23- Tilla Jogian

24- Rohtas Fort

25- Kotli Sattian Town

26- Sher Shah Suri Mosque

27- Citrus / Orange Fields

28- Chiniot

29- Clock Tower Faisalabad

30- Gurudwara Sacha Sauda

31- Hiran Minar

32- Gurudwara Chakki Sahib

33- Gurudwara Rori Sahib

34- Iqbal House

35- Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib

36- Ancient Temple of Sialkot

37- Tomb of Heer Ranjha

38- Shrine of Sultan Bahu

39- Shalamar Garden

40- Lahore Fort

41- Badshahi Mosque

42- Samadhi of Ranjit Singh

43- Gurudwara Guru Ramdas

44- Minar-e-Pakistan

45- Sightseeing Bus Lahore

46- Wagha Border Lahore

47- TDCP Resort Nankana Sahib

48- Gurdwara Janam Asthan

49-Ganda Sighwala Border

50- Changa Manga Forest

51- TDCP Resort Changa Manga

52- Bhumman Shah Okara

53- Bullay Shah Shrine

54- Shrine of Baba Farid Gunj

55- Harrappa Ruins

56- Church in Multan

57- Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam

58- Old Fort Multan

59- Clock Tower Multan

60- Sutlej River Bridge

61- Central Library Bahawalpur

62- Darbar Mahal

63- Gulzar Mahal

64- Noor Mahal

65- Uch Sharif

66- Lal Suhanra Park

67- Sightseeing Bus Bahawalpur

68- Sadiq Garh Mahal

69- Derawer Fort

70- Jeep Rally in Cholistan

71- Cholistan Desert

72- Pattan Minara

73- Bhong Mosque, Bhong

74- Panjnad

75- Tomb of Ghazi Khan

76- Fort Munro Steel Bridges

77- Sakhi Sarwar

78- Fort Munro & TDCP Resort

79- Hikbai Top

80- Crops of Layyah