Pakistan Defence Day 6th September

A Tribute To

Pakistan Defence Day

This is the tribute to the Pakistan Army and all related departments through my words, visuals and facts. Thank you to Protecting us from all the evils around us and within us. We got the true value of yours especially since the last three years. You not only protected our country, you also protected our families in border tensions. I have learnt from our neighbouring countries how important the Army plays the role to save us and I have realised how lucky we are to have the bravest army in the world. You give your life for the sake of our country, you lost your family to protect our families. At the time of Natural or planned Disasters you are always there for us at first. Wherever our Metropolitan cities are in trouble you are here for us.

I do not mind if you always stop me at the check post and ask for an ID card because I know you guys are here for our safety. I am sorry when some politicians involve you in politics, I am sorry when some negative evil from civilians hurts your sentiments and gets jealous of  your achievements. They have no idea of your sacrificing life. You always deserve the best in this world and that world. I really appreciate what you have done in the past, present and what you are going to do in future. We Trust you, Believe in you. Last but not the least Thank you once again, and I salute  you! – Pakistan Zindabad

-Assam Artist (Civilian)

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