Islamabad First Tourist Attractions Map

ISLAMABAD is the capital city of Pakistan and is located in the province of Punjab. Having mesmerizing scenic views from fertile soils to steep valleys, this city has never failed to provide me with peaceful and calm vibes. This centre point enables one to either travel north or south. Cascades, valleys, rivers and many more  eye-catching views can be seen on the map with nearby places marked for a day tour from Islamabad. Hence, I welcome you all to this city with captivating views which would dwell in your hearts forever!

I feel Islamabad is the city from where you can start your travel or End your travel. If you are traveling from abroad there are so many international flights arriving at Islamabad International Airport, if you are traveling with in pakistan again there are so many daily flights coming from different cities, Train station and Bus stations are with in the range of this city. flights for Northern Areas Like gilgit or skardu

you can find from Islamabad Airport. All the local bus stops are nearby islamabad named faizabad at zero point or peer badahi ada in pindi.

For Local Travelers islamabad is a transit city where they are staying for a stop over and explore for a day or two and move to their desired destinations. with in the range of islamabad you can find most visited and highly suggested destinations like soon valley, Stupa in Taxila, khanpur dam, katas raj temple etc. i will provide you complete list of attractions and nearby places.

In Islamabad you can find all the Government Official buildings like president house, supreme court of pakistan, National Assembly etc. along with this all major embassies are located in islamabad. Islamabad is full of guest houses or rest houses where you can rent a room or house in budget range approx 25$ (3000 Rs) per night. traveling within islamabad is quite easy now due to Metro Busses. but distance attraction places you have to take a taxi. but my advice is just rent a car for a day or two this will be more cheaper than traveling in a taxi.

There are many security checks within the city, You should carry all your documents with you. Its all because of our safety so don’t worry about that and appreciate all the soldiers.

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45 Attractions in Islamabad

1-   Rawat Fort ( 16th Century )

2-   Pharwala Fort ( 15th Century )

3-   Neela Sandh Waterfall

4-   Chattar Park

5-   Eye View Park – Bahria Town

6-   Shahdara Point

7-   Shumber Waterfall

8-   Bruti Waterfall

9-   Shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar

10- Loh-e-Dandi

11- Pir Sohawa City View Point

12- Margalla Hills National Park

13- Losar Baoli – Losar Stepwell

14- Sadhu ka Bagh – Shah Allah Ditta Caves

15- Zipline Margalla Hills ( Sadhu’s )

16- Golra Sharif Railway Museum

17- National Science and Technology Park ( NSTP )

18- Kachnar Park CDA

19- Pakistan Museum of National History est. 1976

20- Ankara Park

21- Shakarparian National Park

22- Star and Crescent Monument at Shakarparian

23- Pakistan Monument

24- Rose and Jasmine Garden

25- Jinnah Stadium

26- Jinnah Convention Center

27- Lake View Park ( Rawal Lake )

28- Bird Aviary – Lake View Park

29- F-1 TRAXX Park

30- Rawal Dam

31- President House

32- Supreme Court of Pakistan

33- National Assembly of Pakistan

34- National Archives of Pakistan

35- Sir Syed Memorial Museum

36- Dinosaur Park

37- Marghazar Zoo

38- Saidpur Village & Old Hindu Temple

39- Daman-e-Koh Park & City View Point

40- Faisal Mosque

41- Centaurus Mall

42- Fatima Jinnah / Capital / F-9 Park

43- Islamabad Golf Club

44- St. Thomas’ Church

45- Islamabad International Airport


1-   Soon Valley – 232 KM

2-   Katas Raj Temples – 153 KM

3-   Kallar Kahar – 131 KM

4-   Khewra Salt Mine – 186 KM

5-   Murree – 65 KM

6-   Khanpur Dam – 47 KM

7-   Stupa, Taxila – 37 KM

8-   Rohtas Fort – 113 KM

9-   Nathia Gali – 87 KM

10- Toli Peer Rawalakot – 129 KM

Special Thanks:

Text Editor : Munazzah Badar, Waniya Badar