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See the World From My Prospective

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Break from the City

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Feelinlg the nature from the above

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Old Towns Are my Favorite spot

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Living in Burried History - Cappadocia Turkey

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Bird Eye View

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Walk in to Desert

Landscape photography is very first kind of photography in travel you never wanted to miss. I am crazy about landscaping Especially mountain views or nature lakes with full of greenery is my weakness. In shorts Capturing the ALLAH’s Nature is love.
Capturing the Urban cities is a more like trend. Its like you are capturing the artwork of some genius minded architects. But i like Skyscrapers, tallest buildings different kind of infrastructures. Cityscape photography is most easy kind of photography. but in Night it becomes most difficult to deal with.
Colours of Different Kind of waters with white waves. Different Nature of Beaches Specially Black Sand Beach, Orange Beach, Red Beach.. Countless beaches.. and i have many to share with you all. and i must say beach photography is must todo in your list.
Being a Designer & Artist, Lines shapes attract me. perspective & 3rd rule of photography came to my mind when ever i saw any beautiful and unique artwork from this mankind. ALLAH Has given talent to many to make this world more beautiful with their talents. every country have different kind of architecture.
I Born in Lahoreโ€™s Old Streets thats why maybe i have special attraction with street photography. i like narrow streets old houses fill with different people.

Religious Places

I have been visited many oldest and newest mosques, churches & temples. I am surprised to see there beautiful architecture. specially grand mosque abu dhabi, grand palace temple thailand, blue mosque in istanbul and oldest churches in cappadocia & Rome.


Assam Artist dedicated This page to his travel photography.

All Travel Photography related picture i have been taken for every person who loves traveling or nature of God and i m surely there is hardly those kind of people exist who don’t like traveling or photography. I have huge collection to share with you all and i will keep on updating my picture gallery with lots of colors.