Best Travel Bags for Cross-country Road Trip

If you love to travel, you must have gone through the troubles of packing! If so, you aren’t alone. Packing for a cross-country trip can be very annoying and stressful. You are always worried about forgetting things. On the other hand, if you add lots of things; to your bag, the weight becomes an issue.

While packing for travel is a skill, a good quality bag specially designed for travel can help you out. In this article, we will explore some of the best options out there so you can pack more efficiently.

Below are 6 of the best bags that you should consider:


Developed by KINGKONG apparel, this bag can handle a rough time. How strong is this bag? Hafthor Björnsson the, winner of World’s Strongest Man, endorses it. What makes this bag so great is its 35 liter interior capacity, along with:

  • Padded laptop pocket
  • A compartment for shoes/wet objects
  • Water-proof lining
  • Fidlock buckles for quick release
  • 25-year warranty
  • 2 bottle pockets
  • A flat clamshell opening

The super-strong bag is worth USD 199.95. It is available in black color only.

  1. The medium suitcase

Who says a suitcase can’t be pretty? While you do want something durable and long-lasting a stylish bag can get that job done. With this stylish and well-built suitcase, you will look elegant and the bag will stay with you for years.

The fabulous features of this bag include:

  • 360-degree spinning wheels for better mobility
  • A hard shell made of polycarbonate
  • Interior compression system
  • Stunning leather details
  • TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved safety-lock

You can even personalize this bag to give it a touch of YOU. This beauty is worth $275 and is available in 6 gorgeous colors.

  1. The SEG42 Travel Pack

Are you a very put-together kind of a person who loves to carry every essential at all times? Do you feel the urge to pack your entire house as you travel? If so we have a bag for you that can be the answer. The SEG42 is a heavy-duty duffle bag that can handle stress without breaking a sweat.

Its features include:

  • 42-liter capacity
  • 5 segments
  • It has a clamshell bottom
  • A padded laptop bag
  • Has an anodized aluminum hardware
  • Separable compartments by stowing
  • External zippers for easy access

The bag is worth $199.99 but you can pay through installments as well. Isn’t that great?

  1. The backpack

If you are on the lookout for a bag based on denim jeans that is simple yet full of features, this is it! It’s a minimalist’s dream come true.

Plus you can return your bag after it’s worn out and the brand will upgrade. This will prevent the bag from going into the dump. Less trash, lesser landfilling, better environment. The features that make this bag a great option are:

  • Padded laptop pocket
  • A spill-proof water bottle pocket
  • A top floating pocket for fragile and tiny objects
  • A flat pocket at the front to grab things easily on the go
  • Hidden side pockets for safety
  • Made of recycled materials to save the planet from pollution

The bag will cost you $149 that can be paid through installments.

  1. The Catalina Deluxe

If you love earthy colors and want a durable bag, then you should look into this one. It’s a duffle bag that is very durable due to its high-quality materials. It comes in:

  • Organic cotton: environmentally friendly and lightweight
  • Washed canvas: high quality and light
  • Recycled poly: good for the planet and water-proof

The bag features include:

  • A bottom pocket with removable padding
  • A pass-through sleeve
  • A messenger strap with padding for comfort
  • Easy to fold for storage

This bag will cost you $113 after a 50% discount that’s available on different sites. The actual price is $225. It’s available in 5 gorgeous colors in different shades of grey.


Last but not the least we, have an elegant leather duffle bag for you. It’s ideal for those who like to keep things sophisticated. This bag is a show-stopper that will help you stand out in a crowd. The features of this beautiful yet, practical bag include:

  • Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Protection at the bottom
  • Adjustable strap
  • Washable lining
  • A big inside compartment for all your stuff
  • A zipper side pocket

This stylish bag is worth $355.


In this article, we went through 6 bags which are all great for cross-country travel. The EDGE35 is the best option for people who like to give their bags a rough time. The medium suitcase is easy to carry with 360-degree wheels and is very pretty. The SEG42 bag is the best option for those who like to carry a lot of stuff.

The backpack by DAY OWL is very environmentally friendly and makes packing easy. The Catalina Deluxe is very durable and easy to carry. Lastly, the black leather duffel bag by Time resistance is an elegant choice for those who live in style.

All the above options are great and we recommend you check out each site before making a decision.