Notre-Dame Cathedral – Paris

When i Last visited to Paris, Notre-Dam Cathedral was my second tourist attraction for visit, It was a full rainy day when i reached there by walk i was surprised to see many tourist already gathered there to get the chance to enter in this beautiful cathedral, There is no Entrance fee for this cathedral. Notre Drame was beautiful Designed and Constructed, i was shocked to see the different architecture of this cathedral. When i entered in this Cathedral it has complete different and its own ambience of lights in side the cathedral, from light to dark ever thing seems so beautiful. 

And there is some regular prayer going on, DSLR camera was allowed to take inside and i was quietly taking photographs of Notre dame’s interior without flashing light. Windows on the walls, pillars, Mirror works, Colors and Status inside the Cathedral blown my mind, It was Beautiful un describable by words, thats why i took pictures for my memories and those memorable moments.